Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beginning December Daily 2013

I am very excited to be completing a December Daily album this year!  I first found out about December Daily on the website of Ali Edwards, the originator. Last year I tried to do one; I even made my album and everything, but I lacked the discipline to take enough photos to finish it.

This year, I have joined the Studio Calico class 25 Days led by Maggie Holmes. I am really excited because I am already on a creative high with my Big Picture Classes Process class led by Catherine Davis.

So I am READY to go with this year's December Daily. Maggie Holmes will be using the SC December Daily kit by Ali Edwards, however it was a little out of my price range so I opted to buy my own album and use supplies from my stash...of which I have plenty.

In addition, the SC class came with a bonus kit that I was blessed enough to have signed up for the class in time to receive one (they only had a limited supply of kits). That means I will also have these supplies plus my stash of Christmas supplies that I didn't use last year. I would like to share my bonus kit and all the goodies that came in it!!

In my next few posts I will show my inspiration board for December and also (once I receive my album in the mail) my beginning stages for trying to plan out my December Daily 2013 album!

This my first SC class and the kit came so cutely packaged, with all of the kit items in this awesome little cloth sack.

Of course I had an awesome time laying everything out. I could hardly wait to get home from work to examine my package!
This is an overview of what everything looked like straight out of the bag.

The kit came with nine 3x4 inch Project Life cards, I only showed the front, but each had a back as well with space for journaling. The ninth card was a blank white card that I did not show here.

Also, I got this extra sweet "DECEMBER" wood veneer (see it there in the middle). I'm already thinking of ways I'm going to treat and alter it for my album. :)

There are also 4x6 double-sided cards and green alpha stickers as well. 

I cannot believe that I now have glitter tape, washi tape, and striped ribbon!

There is a Marcy Penner Hello Forever "2013" badge here. Her badges are always awesome and I have had them in previous SC kits. Check out here website here.

 and sequins....

Lastly, but definitely not least, is a wonderful stamp set!

And that ladies and gentlemen is my Bonus Kit. Which I love!!

Next I will be posting a few different things, all getting ready for our Christmas season including my December bulletin board, my choices for my December Daily album, and some other supplies I purchased for my album.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Creation of a Scrapbooking Closet Part II: The Finished Product

I am very excited to show you my full scrapbooking closet with pictures. This is probably my favorite "room" in the house, and I spent a lot of time and energy making functional so that I can create projects and really enjoy the supplies that I have. So without futher ado....

This is a basic overview of my closet, the details of each section are in the pictures below.

1. My pride & joy of my scrapbooking closet is my Ikea Raskog Cart which I thought was genius to get for my closet ..UNTIL...I saw online that half of the crafting world now owns this cart...we all have such good taste because seriously this cart is Amazing. I wish I had room for two! You can find it here.

2. A pink stool that I painted my self with three small bins for storage
3. A vintage lace hosiery holder I bought at an antique fair, that I now use for ribbon
4. All of my binders with stickers, paper embellishments, scrap paper, etc..
5. Clear divided storage from Ikea for large embellishments and some heavy duty items
6. My Lazy Susan tool kit which is actually a paint can on a lazy susan by a company called Lazy Scrapper. It is truly awesome for holding all my supplies that I need the most and keeping them close at hand

7. I use Itso storage bins and shelving from Target to the right here on a shelf that can't be seen from this vantage point, but I show it below. Also, I have upper shelving to the right, which I also show below in photos.

Upper Shelf of Closet when standing in front

Upper shelf to the right of closet

Itso Cubes

Becky Higgins Project Life Items

This basket moves around a lot, sometimes it's here, sometimes on my desk!

Over the door organizer

The breakdown of my Raskog Cart

Containers on my pink stool
(These are actually from Ikea and I have a metal rod that they will eventually hang on in the closet)

Next to my pink stool

More inspiration & organization


Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Creation of A Scrapbooking Closet Part I: The Idea

Today I would like to begin sharing my journey to re-doing my scraproom. My intention was to share it one piece at a time as I was very inspired by Ali Edwards doing this on her blog and it's almost done so I am happy to now share it.

I thought.."it's about time I re-did my space," and my top reasons were:

A) For functionality, I was ready to get more serious again with my scrapbooking and it was a hot mess in my scrapbooking closet that I have..

B) For fun, because I love to organize and re-do and arrange things in my room.

C) For the sake of making sure I don't have any non-essentials. I am trying to streamline my whole room and not have non-essential "stuff", and anything I don't need or for scrapbooking purposes don't or won't use or haven't used in so long it's become obsolete, goes out.

First let me show you the "BEFORE", and how truly terrible it had gotten. Then I will take you on my journey.

This was my closet at its absolute lowest point.
I had measured my space, sized everything correctly…*so I thought*..and I bought and transported (with the help of my wonderful friends) and put together this most amazing bookcase.

It was red and wonderful. My vision was clear and there was no wrong that could happen. Right? Wrong!!!!?$%&*%# 
It was all downhill after I realized that in theory my bookshelf fit into my closet, but that I couldn’t get it in the door..and even if I turned it sideways, took the door off its hinges and otherwise bent the laws of nature to get it to fit (including build it inside the closet..yes I thought of everything) it was too large to turn once inside my space and too large to assemble inside. *Sigh*..Well, I am ashamed to admit it but I through a full on little girl tantrum, ended up breaking the bookshelf and had to box it up and cart it back to Ikea……the lowest point..for my space and for me.

But,It’s all uphill from here.

It took me a little while to cool off from my failed plan and to re-think what I was going to do.  See, I had kept a journal through this whole process of what my inspiration was, how I used my room, what sort of organization I needed and what would be effective for me and my design process (and also to make sure that I use what I have and always know what products I have at my disposal.)
I re-sketched my designs for my closet and since I originally wanted cubes (hence the large cubes made for cube drawers in the red bookshelf), I decided to stick to that idea. Open, see what I have shelving. However, I decided to use my shelf in my space instead of the floor.

When I was at Ikea the first time I saw a cute little cart (that has now become what seems like a worldwide phenom in space design and decoration). The RASKOG kitchen cart in turquoise was the cutest thing I had ever seen, and it was functional also. You can still find it here at Ikea, and if you don't fancy turquoise, it also comes in black and grey. I knew I wanted it but knew I did not have room…but now I did what with the huge bookcase out of the way. So I had a new color scheme of teal and pink and white and I rolled with it.

Now for the fun part…my new room. 

Once I let go of my original idea it was super easy to be inspired from there. I found these awesome hard plastic iTso storage cubes that lock together at Target and they were exactly the right size for my shelf so I bought four of them and stacked them one on top of each other. 

I also purchased the cube shelf, drawer, and bins to keep certain items in them and also to give the space some color and fun. I went to Ikea and bought my cart! Yayy!

I also bought a few extra goodies from Ikea such as a rod with pink hanging baskets for small embellishments and clear containers for storage on my shelves and in the cart.

Here is everything I purchased, my clear containers and now assembled cart from Ikea, and cubes from Target before I moved everything into my closet.

 With the cubes I also purchased fabric bins to fit into them so that I could have a little sturdier storage...AND...they matched my cart.

This is what everything looked like put together before I moved it into my closet.

The next post for my scrapbooking closet re-do I will show my fully assembled closet and how I have chosen to arrange everything!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Colour Challenge for LPS

I am really excited about participating for the first time in a Color Challenge. This is also for Life.Paper.Scrapbook, an awesome online scrap booking magazine and blog.

The challenge is to create ANY kind of project using the proposed Colour Scheme below:

First I went to my paper container and took out each sheet of paper that matched one of the colors, just to make sure that I actually had each one...and I also laid out some supplies that I thought I might want to use on the layout. I have been doing PL for a while now and it has been a LONG time since I have done a traditional layout so I was really excited....

Then I created my layout...

I used PL cards from the Studio Calico June PL kit Roundabout. also, I used the letter stickers from the same kit. The "hopes & dreams" stamp came from the Studio Calico July kit Valley High.  The other colored paper is leftover scraps and the black ink that I used is by K&Company (Marcella by K). lastly,  the teal swirls (which by the way are self-adhesive!) are from Recollections, I originally bought a pack at Michaels.  I used Heidi Grace gemstone accents on the ends of the swirls and in the middle of my three photos as well.

Note: Some of the supplies that I originally laid out I did not end up using, and I added others as I saw what I needed.

All in all I would say this was a very successful color challenge. I really liked the choice of mustard yellow, which is one of my new favorite colors. I recently bought a mustard yellow skirt and I also have a mustard yellow blazer so it's safe to say this is an it color for me for the summer. Also, I think it goes so well with the blue, and since so many stores do a nautical theme for clothing for the summer I think this is great! Ocean blues, mustard yellows, cool greys, a combination that makes me smile :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Submission for Life.Paper.Scrapbook Design Team

I have just done something that I have always wanted to do, but never have done....I have submitted to become a scrapbooking design team member. It is for an Australian based online magazine and blog called LifePaperScrapbook or  They have a really awesome magazine and also blog challenges. I was really thrilled to see that they were in need of members who are actively using Project Life.  This is my first time ever doing this, but even If not chosen I am proud of myself for trying. But I do hope I get chose (eyes shut tight while I wait) It is just the sort of extra umph I would really enjoy on a weekly basis! Well, here is to trying new things! <3
Also, here is one of the pages that I submitted as an example of my work.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


For Valentine's Day this year I felt extra inspired by my new stock of washi tape to make valentine's for two of my girlfriends. I definitely had a lot of fun with layering and using some of my new products. (see complete product lisiting below). 

For this first valentine I started with a blank card. I like to keep blank cards on hand for this very purpose, because I often make my own cards for various occasions and I just bought a 50 pack of cards from Michaels in a wonderful cream color. The cards are by Recollections and at present I did not see that they were available online at, but you can purchase them in the store.

I layered everything on the left on top of a doily I had leftover from bridal shower decoration, and I cut the red heart from a piece of red scrap paper and then stamped it with the 7 gypsies stamp as well.  The white paper underneath actually came from the inside of a piece of mail I recently received, nice right? and I just fringed the edges to make it a little more 3-dimensional. The bakers twine was left over from a gift I received. If you haven't been able to tell already I am big on savings things from gifts and different places, and I like to try and re-use them in anyway I can.

Another one of my new supplies is the blue washi tape with the red hearts on it! I love this tape so much. It came in a tower of tape I bought from This was my first time using Etsy and I am so pleased, the shop owner I bought it from has a great selection of washi tape, their shop is mechakucha808, and this tape can be found here

At the bottom I layered more using the washi tape, then a scalloped edged border I had left over from when I made valentines in 2010, this came from Target's dollar section in a huge pack of valentine's day papers, and unfortunatley I do not have a link for it. I also used a lace border sticker that I found at a Japanese Daiso store in the area where I work.
The date that I stamped in the lower right-hand corner I stamped with a regular date stamp I found at Staples, and I used ColorBox pigment ink in gold.

I had a lot of fun using some new stamps I also bought at Michaels. The first is the background stamp with the different cities around the world. It is by 7Gypsies for Hampton Art World Travel Words and I love it!! I had this concept when I saw it fo my valentines to make the line, "wherever you are in the world I will always love you" or something to that effect.  I just stamped this across the card until all the space was filled up using Memento by Tsukineko in Rhubarb Stalk. 

I also bought a Recollections clear stamp in Sensible font as well. I stamped "world" using these stamps. I love how clear cut the letters are, very legible and yet a very nice font.
The mini file folder I added to write on and just because they are so cute! I used an Optiflow pen in black to write on the file folder.

Inside the card I stamped "happy Valentines Day" using the Recollections stamps.

The second valentine:

I also started with a blank card, and used a doily on the left hand side. I love doilies!
I used the Recollections Simple font stamp again for the "how I" and the "thee".
The world "love" was stamped withe the ColorBox gold ink using an inkadinkado. This particular stamp set is not available on their website.  Lastly, the "let me count the ways" was stamped in black ink from Marcella by K from K&Company with my Rusty Pickle Teressa Sport alphabet stamp. Rusty Pickle unfortunately went out of business in 2010.

The title of this card is "how I love thee", and on the left hand side again is where I did a lot of my layering. I used a tag that was left over from that same Target valentine kit I used on the first card and stamped it with the 7Gypsies stamp. the stip of paper going through it is more of the inside-out envelope from my mail. I held all this down with more washi tape and on top put a sheet of paper from the K&Company special occasions Smash pad. The bakers twine was left over from a gift I recently received.

I used my date stamp again on the doily to samp Feb 14, 2013. I had some left over tulle from a wedding favor I think and I decided to stick it out from the side just to add some more feminity to the card.